Chefs of the Coast Gulf Coast Culinary Weekend Cookbook & Recipes: Volume 1


Are you hungry?

This is the cookbook your appetite has been looking for.

Imagine having access to the Mississippi Gulf Coast's finest kitchens to learn how they make food so flavorful and unforgettable. Well, here it is in your hands. Welcome to the kitchen of the best restaurants on the Gulf Coast. You are seeing what the chefs see. You are holding the recipes from the best chefs and their greatest dishes. This book might as well be stained with olive oil and crab boil. You can almost smell the fresh vegetables and hear the sizzle of the steaks on the grill through the photographs. This is a collection of recipes from the Chefs of the Coast: Gulf Coast Culinary Weekend, and nothing beats it.

And this isn't just seafood. There is barbecue. Asian. And even gelato. This is a Coast cookbook. Everything from Bay St. Louis to Pascagoula. And if you're not ready to cook something, check your pulse. And watch your lip, you might be drooling. Now quit reading, grab a pan, pick a page, and get to cooking- Chefs of the Coast style.

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